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Top heroes of ancient times

Biblical and pagan heroes were always very much alike. This post, like many of my posts, comes from an essay I did for school. I will be comparing Moses, a representative of the Biblical heroes, with Odysseus and Romulus, the two classical heroes I have chosen to represent the pagan side. As always, please feel free to comment on this whenever and however you want. I’ll do my best to make this interesting.

Now, the first place to look at these people is their early life. This is where and how they were born and raised. Odysseus was a king in Greece, but before the Golden Age of Athens. This means that he ruled his little corner of Greece, and did his best to stay out of trouble. Romulus was born a king, but, fairy tale style, his evil uncle took over and had him and his brother, Remus, thrown into a river. A wolf raised them until a shepherd found them and took them in. Moses’ much the same, but in reverse. He was born a slave, was ordered to be murdered, and was rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter.

All of them killed someone, whether in a fit of anger, or just because that’s what he did. For Moses, it was the Egyptian slave-driver. Romulus killed his brother Remus for making fun of his city, and Odysseus cleaned out an entire city just because he felt like it. Moses’ act is the only one that can even begin to be justifiable, because the Egyptian was beating one of his fellow Israelites.

All three were brave out of necessity. Moses had to face the monarch of the single most powerful nation on Earth at that time. Odysseus first had to face the 10-year Trojan war, and then ten years of angry gods on his way back home to a large house full of irate suitors for his wife’s hand in marriage. Romulus had to start an entire nation from scratch in a very turbulent area and time. I think Moses had the biggest problem, because he had to start a whole new nation, worrying about everything that comes with that, and make sure he got the word of God across to the Israelites correctly, a problem any preacher has.

If there is any doubt left as to which of the three is the greatest, let me dispel it. This is the most important part of this, so listen up. Only Moses had God. This is so important because without God, Moses would never have made it past the Nile at three months old. The others did what they did out of personal grudges, desires, and just for the heck of it. The others could seem greater because of this, because they did it on their own, were it not for the words of Ecclesiastes in which the writer states that without God “all is as vain striving after wind (Ecclesiastes 2:17)

Thanks for reading this. I’m glad you decided to listen to the ramblings of a person trying to determine what God means in His word. Type to you later!


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2 thoughts on “Top heroes of ancient times

  1. grannysuebuster on said:

    So many of the “great” people in our world today have gained their greatness because of their heritage, desires for worldly things, or appointments by friends in power. Unfortunately, far to many of these are not “great” in the eyes of God because they do not belong to Him and seek His plans and purposes. Earthly “greatness” may seem like a wonderful thing to many but it is of no value if the “great” person does not know God and is not known by Him. We can all be “great in the eyes of God” if we accept His Son as our Lord and Savior and spend our days seeking His will and allowing Him to use us for His greater plan and purpose.

  2. learning2serv on said:

    Thanks for your post! My favorite line was ” I think Moses had the biggest problem, because he had to …. make sure he got the word of God across to the Israelites correctly, a problem any preacher has.” I sympathize with that. Greatly.

    Keep pressing in!

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