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American idols: The government

This is the first post in a possible series dealing with what I feel are popular idols in America. I took the title from an extremely popular show called by the predictable name of American Idol. I think this should be a series, because there are far too many idols to effectively cover in one or two posts. This one is a trial run, so tell me if you like the idea, and if you do, please give me some ideas. I am going to attempt to look at this from a Christian point of view, so please also tell me if I missed something.

I think I should start with a definition of what I am calling an idol, and also what I mean by government. What I think the Biblical definition of an idol is very simple; An idol is any man-made thing that draws or worship away from God. The ones usually cited are money, celebrities, and cars, although these are by no means the complete and final list of idols. This essay is going to be confined to the government. What I mean by the term government is anything that is seen as a symbol of the nation.

The first thing to realize is that the Constitution and the other founding documents are considered to be the Holy Scriptures by some. We should realize that there is no such thing as an authoritative document apart from the Word of God. One of the biggest problems with the constitution is that it can be changed, or amended. I think that this just means that the Constitution of America has no real authority, because it can be changed by a few hands raising. Interestingly, the process of determining what the constitution actually says is entirely up to a judge’s opinions. While some would consider this a strength, because it means that we can change with the times, this is actually one of the worst weaknesses of the government as a god. What god can’t speak for himself without a priest deciding what he wants to say?

The American flag is another idol, and one that we go through all the motions of a pagan worshipping it. Just listen. First, everyone must assume the proper form of submission, by saluting it as if it were in command. Next, we are expected to pledge allegiance to the flag, and then, almost as an afterthought, to the government. Nowhere is there a mention of God, except as the protector of our country, which is what most of the pagans thought of their gods as. I realize that there are many patriots who won’t like this. Please don’t understand this as an attack on them, as I just wanted to show the way it appears to me.

Finally, we are to make sure that we follow all the laws of the nation, even at the expense of our relationship with Christ. Just look at what you are not allowed to do in public schools. A teacher can’t read their Bible in class, can’t pray in class, can’t do anything openly Christian in class. The only time a teacher is allowed to be Christian in the school building is if they are asked about it, but even then, they can only answer the question, and are not allowed to go anywhere beyond that point, at the cost of their job. Don’t you agree that the government is an idol?



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