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Healing the Church

Healing divisions is urgent in any scenario, but especially in the Church. The Church is to be the single, unified body of Christ, not a bunch of muscle and bone, bickering over the color of the carpet. I’m not positive, but I could believe it if someone told me this scenario has led to a church splitting in two. Since human nature will not allow us to completely rule out divisions, the next best thing is to learn to heal these divisions. The same thing applies to family, friends and society. Please comment back on this. Also, I apologize in advance for any unnecessary ranting that shows up.

First, I am going to define some terminology. When I say the Church, with a capital “C”, that means the body of Christ as a whole. I am going to do my best to mean the body of Christ, understanding of course that may not include all I personally consider the saved. When I use a lowercase “c”, that means an individual community church, or a denomination. When I say division or split, that means a disagreement large enough to make some of the members of the church (or Church) angry enough to leave. It might only be one, but that person will mean the difference between joy and judgement in heaven.

When dealing with this, we need to remember Paul’s analogy in 1 Corinthians 12:12-31. There, he compares the Church to the body, showing us that we need unity throughout. To apply this to the subject, let’s look at how the human body works together. First, when one part of the body is hurt, the entire body feels it and does what it can to rectify the situation. In the same way, the body of Christ hurts when one part has something wrong with it, and tries to help the erring member out of their problem, whatever it is. We should also remember that each of the members of the body has its place, and cannot function correctly anywhere else. The same applies to the Church.

Unity is necessary for several reasons, and here are the two that I think are the most important. First, division in a body leads to death. Looking at the body of Christ as the kingdom of God, it is much easier to find examples in our world. The most obvious split in a nation is the War of Northern Aggression, also known as the Civil War. The bloodshed and horror in that war were magnified by the fact that it was brother against brother. This is much like the Church.

Looking at the divisions that often happen in families, between friends, and in society, it seems that if the churches could get its act together, many of them would be solved, if for no other reason than that all those professing Christians would be shaping up. I do not mean this to be accusatory to those that are doing their best to do as God wants, but as for the “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, they can take it however they want. The reason I say this is because not everyone who says they are a Christian is a Christian.

Looking back on this post, I see that it has done one of two things. Either it has shown the need for healing in the Church, or it has ranted about subjects related to that. I’m not sure which. I hope that it is the former, or that it has at least done a little of both. Please tell me which.


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