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I have a couple of questions to address in writing this post, and here they are. Where should our loyalty be? Should we act vengefully in the name of loyalty? These questions seem to have obvious answers, so my main problem will be to get these into enough words to qualify as an essay. I will be putting these forth with Christian answers, so they look like no-brainers. However, my opinion may change when I am looking for the answer. Please comment and tell me what you think about this essay.

When I speak of loyalty, I mean whose commands you follow, and who you place above others. The technical definition is “The state, quality, or fact of being loyal; fidelity; allegiance.” For those people who dislike using the word in the definition, here is the definition of loyal. “Constant and faithful in any relation or obligation implying trust, confidence, etc.” Now that I have the definitions out of the way, let’s look at where our loyalties should lie.

Our loyalty should be to God first, our country second (usually), and then comes family. This may sound horrible, but looking at it from my point of view, if I had to choose between saving my family and saving my country, the country has more lost people than my family. There should be no questions as to who should be number one on our list.  Our God’s commands come before any other orders or requests from anybody. He is the One who created, and He is the one that the Bible declares to be King of Kings.

The government is the next in line for our loyalty. The nation is represented by the government, and is where God has placed us for whatever work we are here for. Christ stated that we are to give Caesar what is his, and give God his due. This means that, so long as it does not break God’s commands, the government determines the laws. The (increasingly numerous) times that it doesn’t follow God’s commands, we should do as God says.

The family is God’s way of providing some stability to a nation. Therefore, we should view it in its place. We should obey the Creator of it first, and the reason it was created second. Putting the family first is like making a car more important than both the designer of the car and the place we are going. It is blatantly against the laws of God, and is contrary to common sense (and is a very humorous idea). To use a more Biblical example, this would be like the Pharisees and their following the law before they followed their God.

The answer to the question of whether or not we should act in revenge because of our loyalties is a just as clear as where our loyalties should be. Jesus said to love your enemies as yourself, and that you should pray for those who persecute you. This does not mean that you should pray for your enemy to have a heart attack and die. It means that you should treat them with love and respect. There is no reason, except anger, for attacking someone else in revenge. And doing something out of anger, on the spur of the moment, always leads us down the wrong path.

God speaks very clearly about the idea of revenge. “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord”, and it should stay that way. If we follow the God of the Bible, the first of our loyalties, then we will not take what is His.


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