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Tom Buchanan

Tom Buchanan is a character in the book (now a movie) The Great Gatsby. He is the epiphany of hypocrisy, carrying on an open affair while simultaneously denouncing interracial marriage. He claims that the “inferior” races will eventually overrun the world, but when asked to prove it, he says that a book he read said so, and proved it by Science. The whole time, he is carrying on an affair that is so open, his lover calls him in the middle of dinner to demand that he see her the next day. He hates the word “hulking”, but when someone talks too much for his liking, he shows the applicability of that word, and breaks their nose. He also shows us the blindness of hypocrisy, since he sees himself as the last defender of righteousness. This seems amusing, until we realize that this was written in the 1920s, meaning that the problems we see in our government today were foreseen nearly a century ago. What I am about to say is not an attack or defense of one side or the other, but a view of the whole system. With that being said, let’s look at the example. Recently, our President has admitted that millions of people will be unable to keep their insurance, even though he made repeated promises that they would be able to keep whatever insurance they wanted. I am not attacking this specific instance, but I do wish to point out that his followers are very quick to defend him, saying that he misspoke. The other side is just as quick to attack him, saying that he has repeatedly lied to the Americans about his policies. My point is that neither side is correct. Both sides have made similar promises in the past (such as “read my lips: no new taxes”), and neither has been very good about doing what they promised. Their hypocrisy is just like Tom Buchanan’s, and was denounced by Christ (“Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No). The problem is not with one side or the other, but with human nature in general. Until the power of Christ renews the minds and hearts of men, they will be doing the same thing. Let us pray that the day will come quickly, and continue to request His help in defending ourselves from the sin of hypocrisy.


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2 thoughts on “Tom Buchanan

  1. Hello SOP. I’m inferring two things from this post. 1) You didn’t like the movie. 2) You don’t like Obama. The fashion in which you review both subjects treated in your review is a little muddy, however. Is there a more substantive view of either or both that might help clear up either or both of these views?

    • I actually haven’t seen the movie, so I’m sorry if the post implies that I didn’t like it. As far as President Obama goes, I have no more of a problem with him than the rest of the system. The point was supposed to be more about the rampant hypocrisy in the government, and this was the example that came to mind. Once again, I am sorry if I have misstated my views on this.

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